Guest Post Contribution Guidelines

Guest Post Guidelines for 2 Day Itinerary

2 Day Itinerary – Travel Blog is open to guest posts. Guest posting is open for bloggers only, not business/commercial sites. 

If you are a blogger and wish to share your epic weekend itineraries, here is your platform! We welcome content that covers destinations that we haven’t published on our site. 

What’s in it for you?

  • 3 do-follow links to your blog, 2 to specific posts and 1 to the homepage
  • Unlimited social media links (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page, etc)
  • Pinterest and social media promotion from multiple accounts owned by us

To make sure we both get the most out of your guest post, we do have some guidelines. Please read the following guidelines and make sure you are happy with them before pitching your ideas. 

Guest Post Guidelines

2 Day Itinerary is a resource site for travel enthusiasts who want to explore destinations on a weekend. The destination can be a major city, a small town, country, or a national park – from all over the world! 

We want content to be easy to follow for the busy traveler. For this reason, the articles which work best are detailed, informative posts about destinations.

  • Do include day by day activities in an itinerary format
  • Practical tips like how to get around, hotel and tour suggestions, budget needed, packing, and any extra tips. The more detailed and helpful your article is, the more likely people will read it and click through to your blog.
  • Here is a template to follow

Please check you are not pitching a destination we have already written about. There is a search box on the top right of the screen, enter the destination name in there to find out.

So you want to write for us? The first step is to email us your pitch.

Tell us what you want to write about via email first –

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and then you can get started!


Access the template here

  • All content must be original and written by you. You must not post the same content on your own site, else it will be removed. Duplicate content won’t help you or us
  • Good grammar and spelling must be used. 
  • Feel free to link to relevant content on your site. Up to 3 links are fine (1 homepage and 2 relevant post links), plus social media links
  • You can also link to other relevant sites (not commercial sites)
  • I may play with the wording of some of your text, title, and subheadings to ensure it ranks well in Google (SEO optimization).
  • I reserve the right to add my own affiliate and internal links to the content.
  • Please subscribe to the comments on the published article and reply to any comments if any.

I look forward to reading your posts!